Paid Links vs Free Links

Paid Links vs Free Links

Many website owners want to pay for links so they are sure that they will stick with that site that is linking to them. Not just that it is bad to do but also many paid link directories in Google eyes are depreciated in their SERPS.

If you own a website directory and still want to have paid links don’t forget to include free submission so in Google eyes even that you still will have lower rankings you won’t go deep down in ranking. Website owners should know that when submitting to paid link directories for some reason Google algorithm will be aware that on a link directory site has paid links so those links will not have much impact.

A question, then- who are we optimizing for?


There are many networks of directories that for some fee will put your links on them but nowadays search engines are fighting those kind of networks and do penalties for those networks and if there are links coming from them to your website your site will sunk or get penalized. Let’s say you choose to pay link directory network, most of them accept only few descriptions and if there are thousands of directories your site will be marked as spamming.

What you need to know is when submitting on network of sites most of them seo-rankingoriginate from the same IP address so links will not have much impact. Consider page rank of a website is no longer needed as Google toolbar page rank won’t be updated in the future and also there are many page rank 0 sites that can outrank page rank 4 or 5.


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